Jaw-dropper of a day!

Today was one of those days where you are just sitting there with your mouth opened suffering from a bad case of shock and awe.  Yesterday I mentioned on my blog about my emotional eating this past week over my missing brother and today the phone starts ringing off the hook.  I had no idea that my brother’s local paper was going to publish a story on him almost 6 years after he went missing.  Imagine my mother and stepfather’s surprise when they were relaxing on a Sunday morning in sunny Florida, perusing the news in Michigan online, when they see their son slapped on a front page article about missing people!  ZACK MOMENT!

That is the kind of moment that your eyes bug out and your mouth hangs open (or your tongue falls out sideways in Zack’s case).  My mom called me up and I probably looked exactly like Zack except for the fact that I shaved my legs this morning.  No, I didn’t start shoving pizza into my mouth, in fact, just the opposite; I have hardly eaten today.


Well, I thought I would continue the shock value because I came across a picture of myself today and I thought I would require an ER visit; I hardly recognized the woman in the photo.  The picture was taken only a little over 6 years ago and I will have to say that certainly helped me to hit the reset button even during the bizarre events of the day…

Me last Month - 2011


Me at my worst - late 2004

Wow, yep, that just made me hit the reset button for the week.  That girl on the left was absolutely miserable.  She couldn’t walk without needing her inhaler and a trip to the mall was like running a triathlon.  The girl on the left felt defeated and alone.

The girl on the right is learning to love herself and has reclaimed her power.  She is building confidence and self-esteem.  The girl on the left will never again feel defeated and alone.  : )

“It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop. “

~ Confucius

To my brother Scott William Dusa – missing since 2005.  I am keeping the hope alive, you are not forgotten.


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