I am not questioning this!

I have been in fear of the scale for the past week or so.  I usually weigh in daily but since I have been in my “downward spiral” I really didn’t want to get on the scale, freak out and hurl the darn thing across the room.  Somehow the curiosity had gotten the best of me and I crawled over to the scale like I was in the principal’s office.  With my head hung in shame, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.  WHOA!  How did that happen?  I lost weight?  204.6!!!  *Throws head back… YES! YES! YES!  Panic then set it.  The scale must have been off.  Urgggg!!!!  I got back on the scale for a re-do.  Scale still read 204.6.  *Throws head back again…YES! YES! YES! *Dancing begins!


I have no idea in the world how I managed to lose weight nor do I recommend what I have done over the past several days.  Friday consisted of wine, pizza, wine, bruchetta, wine, prawns, wine and some other delectable happy hour treat.  Saturday I had a hot dog for breakfast/lunch and then ate 4 slices of pizza and two pieces of bread (yep, not even gluten-free mind ya!).  Yesterday I had a small omelette for breakfast and then all I ate was a steak and nothing else.  Suddenly I have lost weight???  Clearly I must be on Candid Camera or I am getting “Punked” or something because I am just blown away!  I am not going to question it but I am certain I can not repeat that.  My only thought is that perhaps I had been in starvation mode and the added calories helped?  Who knows! All I know is I am so close to that 200 mark and I am getting hyped up!

Whoooooo  Hooooo!!!