Day 67 and trying to to get back in gear

Today I really started to take another look at what I had been allowing myself to eat lately. Things haven’t been horrible, but I feel like I’m allowing too many carbs into my diet than I know I should. Time to change that! Today I ate most of my carbs this morning, and for lunch I had lots of veggies, an orange, and tuna. Dinner is not happening because I’m not hungry. I don’t feel the acid in my stomach near as much, which is nice. Hopefully it’s really not an ulcer, and maybe just temporary stomach issues.

Everything else is going okay. I’m trying to find ways to incorporate more movement into my day, hoping that will help me a bit. Exercise is what I really need to work on. I won’t give up…I just want to find something that I’m going to enjoy.

I feel like this is a really short post, but there really isn’t anything to report. I have maintained at 285lbs and feel pretty okay about it, even though I would be happy to be lower. Oh, and it’s only 9 days until my birthday! Can’t believe it’s coming up so quickly!

Hope everyone’s week is going well.



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