Day 69=half a pound from YES!

I can hardly contain the excitement! I am so close to breaking 200 that I could almost take a laxative!  Yes, I know that probably wasn’t the prettiest picture to paint for my readers but SHAZAM, this morning I weighed in at 200.4!  Oh my gosh can you feel the energy building up?  I am only days away from hitting a major goal of mine and that was to get below 200.  I haven’t been below 200 since, um, lemme think, um…ok…I remember now, about 12 or 13 years ago!  No kidding!

As you can see, Zack is absolutely thrilled for me.  It is always nice to have a cheerleader on your side when you are on a weight loss or life-changing journey.  I have to say that I have drawn a lot of strength from complete strangers who have given me inspiration. Check out, and  If you haven’t taken a look at these blogs, I highly recommend them. I appreciate their tips and support and can’t even count how often they have helped me, perhaps without them even knowing it!  Thank you gentlemen!

Now I want to mentioned the best compliment that I have ever received (it was on FB) and made everything even more worthwhile today…

From Jeni:

“I also have been meaning to tell you that last Monday I started working out, and that’s thanks to you… Your my inspiration 🙂 and I just want to say thank you!! And I think your doing a GREAT Job Beth!”

My response:

“Awwww….Jeni, that is so incredibly meaningful to me! I have always said that one of the most important things to me in life was to touch the life of another and THAT makes everything that I have accomplished even more valuable. Contact me anytime for support! : )”

That kind message that Jeni left for me is exactly why I started a blog.  I wanted to put my journey out there and hold myself accountable in the hopes that I would inspire others.  I nearly cried when I saw Jeni’s heartfelt “thank you!!”  This was a rewarding day!  We can do this!  : )

If you are struggling today just know that tomorrow is a new day. YOU CAN DO THIS!


4 thoughts on “Day 69=half a pound from YES!

  1. The feeling is mutual. You hitting your goal of 200 gives me more belief that I will be able to hit my 300lb mark (which is a LOOOOOOONG way away at the moment). Continue working at it and you will loose that 1/2 pound in no time!

    • Your goal is closer than you think! As of this morning I am 199.6 and I have to say that seemed like it was out of my reach, or at least, very far off in the distance. The time is going by quickly and I am really finding that I am rediscovering myself. It is an amazing time! You have a strong support growing and we will all take this journey with you! : )
      Thank you so much for supporting my efforts, there have been days that my blog friends have pulled me out of my occasional meltdown!

  2. As Maninmyshadow said, the feeling is absolutely mutual! That is such an accomplishment and I am so happy for you 🙂 Keep up the great work and hopefully I will be joining you in the <200 club soon!!!

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