Day 71….right?

I’m pretty sure it’s day 71, although I will admit I’d have to take a look at the last few posts to be sure. Somehow I’ve managed to fall out of my nightly blogging routine, and now I feel lost! I suppose that’s what I get for losing focus…So, I won’t let this happen again 🙂

My birthday is in a few days, and I feel a small sense of disappointment. I haven’t weighed myself in a week, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t gone down to under 280lbs like I wanted to before my birthday. But, from what I weighed in at last time, I should only be a few pounds away, right? Is it a possible feat? I think it is if I really watch my carb intake…Yes, let’s still try to make this happen! What a fantastic birthday present that would be for myself!

After very careful considerations, and a little research, I’ve made the decision to stop taking the medicine that *supposedly* helps lower the pressures in my head. While I haven’t experienced any headaches lately, this medicine is causing problems in other ways. I have been finding it very difficult to even drop one little pound while taking the medicine, but then the few days when I forget to take it are the days when a pound comes off no problem. Also, for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why I randomly got ulcer-like acid-y stomach pains. After researching the side effects of this medication more, I discovered that it can often cause Metabolic Acidosis, or the over producing of acids in the body. The acid feeling is a terrible feeling of constant heartburn, where no remedies have worked. Being someone who has had an ulcer before, I really would not like to relive the diagnostic testing involved to treat it. So, with these findings, I’m going to stop taking the Diamox, and rely on weight loss alone to help with the pressures (which my doctor admitted weight loss was really the only cure for it anyways…).

Aside from all that medical junk…I’ve been feeling pretty great lately. I feel like things are looking up, and that I can really get back on the road to losing weight again. I’ve sort of fallen off the wagon, but I’m eager to continue this journey the right way. I’m also getting a free elliptical courtesy of a co-worker of mine! I might try to pick it up from her tomorrow…I’m so excited for it! I know that this means there will no longer be excuses to be made for why I can’t work out. I will have my favorite piece of equipment right in my own home! I just can’t thank her enough for giving it to me. 😀 She rocks!

I hope everyone’s weekend is going well! Tomorrow will be a random weigh in day, since I didn’t do it on Friday…Time to face the scale again!



7 thoughts on “Day 71….right?

  1. I hope you hit your goal and have a GREAT birthday! As for the medicine, I am no doctor, but I would talk to one before stopping to take any medicine. There may be another drug out there that does not have the same side effects that you can switch to.

  2. Wow you’re co-worker is awesome! I enjoy using ellipticals 🙂

    I’m glad that you are back on the wagon, and believe that you can accomplish your goals. Feeling good about yourself though is the most important thing and don’t let weight dictate that (yes I’m a bit preachy, I apologize :/).

    Keep working hard!

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