Drum Roll Please!!!

*Pops bottle of Vueve Clicquot (Beth’s personal favorite)…


I started writing this on Sunday before midnight….

As of this morning I am 198.2!  Friday I hit my first goal, I weighed in at 199.6.  I decided to go into my work with a bit of shock and awe.  You see, I have never worn a skirt to work.  I have never ever had the confidence to sport my legs to my co-workers and since Friday was April Fools Day, I thought I would take casual Friday up a notch. From the response that I received, I would have to say that I was successful at creating surprise.

I have to be straight up here.  I do not do skirts and the only time I will put my behind in a dress is if someone has died.  Yes, it really does come down to somebody dying for me to actually feel like I should put a dress on and struggle with a pair of panty hose (which are a sinister article of clothing I might add). I got really brave, too and purchased some of those really awesome nylons with the sexy cable running through them…BIG MISTAKE.  Within minutes my straight little cables looked more like someone had found all of the diagonal words in the crossword puzzle.  Not sexy.

I think my husband thought I looked pretty good though because I received a text asking me if I wanted to go out on a date.  A date? How exciting!  I have to say that I haven’t thought of myself as “looking good” since I was in high school but last night I surprised even myself.  I looked fantastic and I felt beautiful on the outside for the first time in many, many years.  Of course, it could have been the Vodka Cran telling me that I looked beautiful but since a few others also told me I looked wonderful last night, I am going to go with it!

Uh oh, what if it was the Vodka Cran?  Ok, well in that case let me send out a personal thank you to the makers of Grey Goose and Ocean Spray, you made me feel beautiful last night!  ; )

Getting below 200 was a major milestone for me.  I feel like I can pretty much accomplish whatever I set out to do in my life.  I haven’t done this with drugs or fad dieting, I have done this by cutting out gluten, portion control and sheer determination.

My next goal is a small one and that is to go below 190.  I haven’ ‘t looked at a time frame yet but I would like to lose an additional 50 pounds by October 8 when I fly back to Michigan for my 25th class reunion.

As for date night, I went to bed at 6:00 a.m.  ; )


4 thoughts on “Drum Roll Please!!!

    • Thank you! : )
      I did enjoy the boost with all of the head-turning, I had forgotten what the feeling was like. It was a much needed push on the old ego!

      6:00 a.m…..*blushes. o//o

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