Darn it all!

Wow, what a week, and it is only Tuesday!  I crossed back over the 200 mark.  Have I been over eating? NO!  So how did this happen?  Who knows!?  I haven’t been eating hardly at all!  I don’t know if what I did eat had hidden sodium and my body grabbed onto it in a desperate attempt to keep me fat…*RANT BEGINS @#%*$#

Ok…I feel better now.  I will approach this little setback with taking in a few more calories since my body taunts me when I take in too few and I will drink plenty of water! Elysia’s birthday is only days away and being below 200 for her birthday was my goal, there is no way in (insert expletive here) that I am going to fail that this!

Thank you to Zack once again for listening to my weight loss drama, especially since it is clearly past nappy time.



6 thoughts on “Darn it all!

    • I am trying…made me a little disappointed but I know it wasn’t from overeating. Honestly, I think my body is reacting to a lot of stress. I am hoping that by Thursday afternoon I will have some life changing news (keep your fingers crossed for me)…..Just think along the lines of….Beth bought a new suit.

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