Day 73!

I think I’m getting the tiniest of colds…right before my birthday. WHY??? My throat has been bothering me all day, but thankfully it hasn’t gotten worse or anything. I’m hoping that with some good ol’ Airborne, it’ll go away before Friday.

I couldn’t believe how slowly the day went. It seemed like every 30 minutes was 2 hours, but even with the time going so slowly, I couldn’t finish a whole lot on my reports at work. Yikes. Definitely gotta get to working on that before my four day weekend! I want my reports in tip-top shape before then 😀

Food today was alright, but it definitely could have been better. I had a bagel for breakfast, veggies and cottage cheese for lunch, and a bratwurst for dinner. Things I would change: substitute the bagel for eggs, and change the bratwurst to something with way less fat in it. As for carbs, I am pretty confident that I’ve stayed below 100grams for the day!

I didn’t get the chance to grab my medicine from the pharmacy, so that is on my list for tomorrow after work. I was a little too busy when I got out of work. Thankfully missing a night or two is okay.

I feel pretty good about today, despite that darn bagel. That was really the only thing I wasn’t happy with for the day. Also, I’m going to stop parking in the garage at work so that I can walk up/down the hill for free parking; ya know…get a little bit more movement in! I think I haven’t really wanted to walk lately because of all the rain, but I’ve finally gotten my hoodie that I left at a friend’s house, so I have no excuse! So, walking it is 🙂

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week! Can’t wait until Friday!!!



2 thoughts on “Day 73!

  1. Don’t worry about the fat it the bratwurst. When are you going to learn to trust me? I said on the Squid’s link on facebook that if someone would pay for it, I’d eat 5k calories of fatty grass fed beef fried in grass fed beef tallow and a handful of vegetables a day, every day, for a month, and not only would I not gain weight, I’d lose those last ten or 20 pounds of fat. If I decide to exercise, I’ll put on muscle too.

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