What an amazing birthday weekend!

I knew that I would have a really good time on my birthday, but I never in a million years would have guessed it would have been THAT amazing!

It started Friday morning (my actual birthday) with my doctor’s appointment. I got the amazing news that the swelling of my optic nerves has gone down from over 300 microns to 125 microns in just 3 months, which the doctor was very impressed with! He said it is a mixture of taking the Diamox and working on losing weight. I told him about my troubles with Diamox, and he said that I really needed to take it, and that if I’m having horrible acid problems, then I need to take an antacid every day (he said anything like Prilosec or Pepcid would work) and that the medicine shouldn’t be affecting weight loss. So, I’m going to listen to him and continue to take it. If I continue to have problems, I will let him know.

After my appointment, one of my friends picked me up and took me to the DOL to get my driver’s license renewed. While the guy was helping me, he played “Happy Birthday” through the speakers on his computer. Needless to say, my cheeks turned bright red, but I laughed. It was nice. I was in and out of there in only 40 minutes! An all time record for me!

We then drove to Pike Place Market, where the sun began to shine, and the Market started getting busy! We walked around, going into Tenzing Momo (my favorite shop!) and enjoying coffee (it’s Seattle…you HAVE to walk around with coffee!). It was so much fun, and it was such a beautiful day!

Pike Place Market

From there, I said goodbye to my friend, and met up with my mom and E. Together, the three of us enjoyed pedicures and manicures, getting totally pampered! I especially enjoyed the paraffin wax dip for both my hands and feet…they were so soft afterwords. Totally loved it!

Next, we caught a cab and ventured to the hotel, got ready, and made our way to the Hard Rock Cafe! From there, we enjoyed some drinks, listened to great music, and had a complete blast! We also made it to two other clubs. Both were so much fun! I don’t really have any pictures from either place, but it was a ton of fun. Can’t wait to go back!

Mick Kelley's Irish Pub

Mick Kelley's Irish Pub

The next night, I met up with all my friends, and went to Mick Kelley’s Irish Pub where we drank and danced all night. I had so much fun seeing friends that I haven’t seen in forever! I did feel like my dancing was totally silly, but on the other hand, it felt really good to have such a great time.

So, with my birthday already behind me, and all the partying is now out of my system, I am looking forward to detoxing this week. This morning I felt like my body was just totally blocked by completely breaking my diet all weekend, and I feel like I need a cleanse. This week will be mostly water, with fruits and veggies. Nothing heavy, no meat, and nothing pre-packaged. I feel like my body needs it!

I am also terrified to get back on the scale. Haha. But I’ll have to face the music sooner or later. Tomorrow is my weigh in day at work, and I know honesty is key. I will just have to acknowledge it and move on! Oh…and I have to pick up my elliptical at some point this week. It’s a must! But for exercise, it looks like I will be going roller skating with my friends! I am very excited. Haven’t done that in years!

Well, I had an absolutely amazing weekend, and am so thankful for all my friends and family that made it possible! Best weekend ever!



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