Where are your manners

My first negative feedback and I must say it was a downer. : (

“Good Blog but loose the dog. Really just stop with the dog.

What’s with the dog ??? I don’t understand why the dog is here but the dog is a total turn off. Thank me for saying what others would not. Just loose the dog and move on
never revisit the dog thing.”

I did not post this guy’s comment in the traditional way because he does not deserve the notoriety that comes with being so incredibly rude.  By the way, you can “lose” a dog, but how does one “loose” them and move on? Is that legal? Just asking for future reference.

Fellow bloggers, there are tactful ways to let someone know that you think perhaps they are off track with their blog…this is a perfect example of what NOT to do.  I pretty much felt like tearing down my blog and saying forget it…BUT…I AM STRONGER THAN MR. RUDE COMMENT MAKER and to him I will say this…

I like my dogs.  Dogs give unconditional love and unaffection, something that you can never have enough of. They also humor me greatly when I am sitting at my MAC blogging and they are fighting for my attention.  I am sorry you do not find them very amusing but others have stated differently.  I hope in the future when you find the need to criticize someone elses blog that you find a way to do so with tact.


noun \ˈtakt\

Definition of TACT

: sensitive mental or aesthetic perception <converted the novel into a play with remarkable skill and tact>
:keen sense of what to do or say in order to maintain good relations with others or avoid offense


Wow…I needed that slap in the face after three psychic crime fighters told me over the week-end that my missing brother is dead…Ok folks…no more dogs it is!!!  Well, I guess my week will be all up from here?


2 thoughts on “Where are your manners

  1. High road response : He did start with the fact that he liked your blog 🙂

    Gut reaction response: You can’t fix stupid 🙂

    Honest reaction: KEEP THE DOG! This is YOUR blog, YOUR outlet and it is YOUR decision what to post. If someone is gonna stop reading your blog because of pictures of your dog, do you really want them?

  2. Thank you dear maninmyshadow!

    I did have a bit of a stuggle last night with my high road response…darn. ; ) I need to work on that! My gut reaction kicked in and I went into kick me when I am down mode.

    You are so right with this…this is MY outlet, this is a blog for my daughter and I to express our weight loss and our lives. I greatly enjoy the fact that we now have subscribers and others that support us and we appreciate every bit of support that our “family-like” readers give.
    If you are not here to offer support, drop by for a laugh, offer constructive criticism or if you find my dogs offensive in some way…the wonderful thing about this is you can stop reading! : )

    And to comment on your “high road response”, I do appreciate that he did start with the fact that he does like my blog ~ it would be impolite of me not to say “thank you” to him. : )

    maninmyshadow, thanks for making my day!

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