New job, ER visits and tales

My apologies for not being on this past week.  This week was filled with excitement and my focus was on my career possibilities and now I am looking forward to catching up on reading my blog subscriptions and sharing with all of you.

I have previously blogged about “waiting for good news”.  Well, it has finally happened and in an unexpected way!!!

I landed a new position as Office Manager/Supervisor at a company that I am very excited to be working for. I submitted my resignation this morning and I am on top of the world. While there are people who I will truly miss seeing every day, this is also an exciting step in my career. LIFE IS GOOD!

Friday was not such a good day.  It was a beautiful sunny day in Seattle and I spent it in the ER with a clueless, yet nice, ER team.  I clearly was having GI bleeding and they couldn’t figure it out so they sent me on my way and told me to contact their GI doc on Monday.  I came home and did some research on a new medicine that my doc prescribed a week and a half ago and sure enough a rare side effect is GI bleeding. I didn’t need hundred’s of thousands of dollars in medical debt and several years at college, I just needed my IMAC and GOOGLE!  I stopped the meds, the bleeding has decreased and hopefully I will be ok…I will still contact the GI doc just in case I have something more concerning but since I am a symptomatic carrier of hemophilia A, and I have a tendency toward bleeding, I am pretty certain it was the darn meds.  I should bill the darn hospital for having to diagnose my own self!

On the weight loss front…

Well, I have definitely had some challenges.  My weight went back over 200, in fact, in went up to around 205. HOWEVER, drumroll please….my current weight as of this morning is 195.0!  I am back on track and doing great.  Wow, great things are happening and I feel like positive things are coming my way.

: )


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