Training Days

What an excellent week!  I am a tad bit on information overload but it is so incredibly exciting to be training for my new position.  I think the hardest part about my job will be watching what I eat!  Vendors are constantly bring in treats for the staff and so far I have avoided them like the plague but I heard that tomorrow pizza is coming in….Of course when I even think of pizza I start salivating.  Pizza can even cause me to throw out my gluten-free rules and abandon all thoughts of dieting.

Confession:  Today I had Azteca mexican food for lunch complete with beans and rice.  I justified it because technically I am on vacation this week so that was my little treat but Monday I had Chinese….I am sure you can figure out that there could easily be a bad pattern starting.

It is time to make a weekly meal plan and start packing my lunches!  Next week I will be wrapping things up at my old job and it will be my last week to have The Juicy Cafe readily available to me.  : (    At least I know I can still swing by there from time to time in the mornings and grab my Super Energy with Beets drink….it is my absolute favorite!

I am absolutely exhausted…heading off to bed!  : )


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