A little time off, and now training for a 5K.

I honestly can say, I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since my last post. I guess life just kind of got into the way a little bit, and I found myself doing other things instead of blogging or really paying attention to what I was eating. Unfortunately, I know I’ve probably gained weight back, and I’ll have to deal with that.

I was reading an email at work about a week ago, and it was talking about how a great way to get motivated in exercising is to sign up for a race. Curious about what races were in my area, I took a look on a running website and found that there’s a 5K for lung cancer on September 10th. In a split second, I knew that if I committed to doing this race, I’d have a lot of motivation to train for it. So to keep myself motivated, I told my team at work that I would be training for this, and now about 6 people have decided to join me. Knowing that others have joined this race because of me definitely makes me wanna get very serious about training.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll start the “Couch-to-5K” program, which should get me ready for a 5K in about 9 weeks. I know I have more than 9 weeks until the race, but I am making it a goal to do the race in less than 28 minutes, so that will give me about 2 months EXTRA time to get my time at or around my goal! I’m very excited about my commitment to this race, and can’t wait to start tomorrow!


I know a few of you have done 5Ks, so if you have any advice, please feel free to share!! I miss all of you, and will hopefully talk to you all soon!



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