Final countdown

Wow what a week!  I am down to the final countdown of three days until I move on to greener pastures in my career.  Pause for happy dance!

I had a fabulous Mother’s Day with my family but I will admit I went on an absolutely disgusting eating binge. The kids made me breakfast complete with egg, sausage and cheese scramble, bacon, biscuits and orange juice.  For lunch I ate two large slices of the worst pizza I have ever had in my life (yes Costco, I thought your pizza tasted like disgusting raw dough) and then the kids made me homemade chocolate chip cookies (my mother’s recipe).  Was that enough?  Apparently not because I topped it off with a bowl of Drumstick (you know those incredible yummy cones?) flavored ice cream covered in hot fudge sauce.  Do NOT ask me what happened, all I know is that I went on some wildly insane binge all the while professing it was Mother’s Day.  Monday I woke up with my face swollen from all of the sodium, the gluten I am not supposed to be eating as well as the peanuts I am a tad bit allergic to.  FAIL.

When one falls down, one gets up again so that is exactly what I did Monday morning.  I am back on track and eating healthy once again. I am STILL paying for all of the gluten I ate but I know better than to ingest something that is going to wreck my stomach…let alone spend a whole day ingesting foods that will wreck my stomach.  I am pretty certain that my body will be in shock for several days.  That will teach me!  Um…hopefully!

I am not going to get on the scale this week because, well, I don’t wanna.  : )

What I have learned:  Drink plenty of water throughout the day, this has always helped me to eat less and avoid hunger pains…I probably should have done that on Mother’s Day.  : )


3 thoughts on “Final countdown

  1. Good job on Starting over! I have a hard time with that mentally … I do the do, but my brain kicks me around for a LOT longer than is necessary. I have to weight … even if I don’t want too. 🙂

    Hello … I jumped over from Testing’s page … I am a sucker for a weight loss blog. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for stopping by!
      It is not easy to start over but I am pretty set on getting this weight off even when I do blow it on a regular basis! ; )

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