Rapture survivor

Strangest thing, my neighbor was out walking his dog on Saturday, May 21st around 3:00pm EST….

WOW! We are all still here, who would have thought???  So does that mean we are all really really bad? : )

What an amazing week! I haven’t been this happy and excited since I can’t remember when!  I am sincerely enjoying my new job and all that I am learning and doing.  It is a big change from being consistently beat down.  No details about the past, but I will say that I can already feel my self-esteem and confidence returning.

I did say that my challenge would be not having The Juicy Cafe right inside my building and I was so right about that one.  My stomach has done quite a bit of suffering from the lack of food or poor food choices and I am trying to get into a groove of taking food with me.  It is not so easy when you are up at 5:00am and not home until 7:00pm.  I have to make a conscious effort to ensure that I have healthy food with me at all times. What I have learned is that I am amazed my husband is still alive now that I work with him and now know all of his poor food choices.  You would think that after surviving cancer he would have a change of heart before he routinely crammed donuts and Chinese food down his throat but he clearly seems to have the mentality that he is invincible.  I am going to have to be sly and sneak healthy foods into his office because what I have learned is if there is food there, he will eat it. ; )

As for me, these are my confessions:

I am now at 198.8lbs so, yeah, it looks like I ate one too many Chinese and pizza lunches myself.  Shame on me.  One night this past week I didn’t eat dinner because we had to take my oldest son to the ER, slept in our car at our work and then I ran in and stuffed a maple bar into my mouth as quickly as I possibly could; I was so hungry!  Now, if you are following my blog then you know that I am gluten intolerant so you can imagine how well that little impulsive moment went for me.  For the first little while I was almost dancing in my office about how much I missed maple bars, the next thing you know I am thinking, “What the hell is wrong with you, dumba$$?”, as my stomach began to protest.  That delicious, 30 second maple bar munch cost me an entire 24 hours of suffering.  Any sympathy?  Nah, I didn’t think so. : )

Goals for the week:

  • Drink plenty of water daily.  I find that I am not drinking water like I was before.
  • Pack my lunches at least 3 days a week (baby steps, baby steps)
  • Lose 2 lbs

Life is good!


5 thoughts on “Rapture survivor

  1. I have all the confindence in the world that you will jump right back in and be losing in no time! I need to make an effort to get on here and support you more often, or should I say, hold you accountable more often! : )

  2. Well, I been flatlining myself … and to lose but a mere 1.5 pounds after riding my bike for over a 100 miles in one weekend, with swiming and walking thrown in for good measure … really p’d me off. Hang on there girl. You will get the hang of packing food with ya. Then you will be on the downward slide again.

    At least yours is easy to fix … change the food … I am still at a loss as to what I need to do. They tell me to just keep pluggin’. That is so annoying.

    Anyway, guess I am going to have to go back in time with you and see about the gluten thing … beginning to wonder about my tummy. 🙂


  3. Shonnie…Thank you, I needed that! I am missing being here as well. I have been working 10-12 hrs a day and I need to find balance…thank you my new friend! I am back!

    : )

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