Commuter confessions

Let’s just say right now, my commute is not ideal. I suppose it could be worse, like perhaps if my car was infested with scorpions or poisonous snakes but to commute in Seattle your odds are better off with the scorpions and snakes. In a sense, it is kind of like commuting with scorpions and poisonous snakes because I spend 2 1/2 – 3 hours commuting with my husband. Well that information right there could probably tell a psychiatrist quite a bit about what causes my tendency for making unhealthy food choices!  After an hour and a half of bumper to bumper traffic and tense dialog I am not thinking “Wow, wouldn’t a carrot stick be wonderful right now!”  I am usually thinking, “Wow, wouldn’t some nachos and a Vodka-Cran hit the spot!”  This week, however, I am working hard toward getting back into the healthy eating mind-set.  I have begun to pack my lunches again and I am trying hard not to succumb to the testosterone induced, unhealthy eating habits that are a way of life at my place of employment.


One of my greatest obstacles is my lack of support at home and at work.  My husband loves food.  For my husband, food is not just something that fuels your body, it is almost a sexual experience.  He drags each meal out for several hours and when everyone at the table is finished and have moved on with their lives, he is still gleefully savoring every last morsel on his plate to great excess.  Of course, we now work together so his very poor eating habits and poor food choices, which I was able to avoid before, are now smack dab in my face.  This past month I have failed miserably to stay on track and he always encourages me to have another serving or some sort of food that is going to make me gain weight.  I do not blame him for my recent weight gain, however, it is very hard to have goals with little support.  Would you offer a drug addict some drugs?  Of course not, and yet, my husband frequently pushes foods that he knows will cause me to fail.

At the end of the day, I am responsible for the food choices that I make.  I have to hold my own self accountable and learn better coping skills for stress and boredom.  And I need to look my husband in the eye and say, “DON’T OFFER GARBAGE FOOD TO ME AGAIN EVER!  JUST STOP!  I DO NOT WANT TO BE MY FAT DECEASED MOTHER!”  There, I said it.

Wow, doesn’t that feel good!


7 thoughts on “Commuter confessions

  1. Girl … that would be hard. I know you can do this, but DANG what is he thinking? I am sure you have smacked him upside the head and asked him in a tone he can understand … why he does this?????

    I have to say that if my hubby was doing that … me and my sweet southern-ladylike-self would have fileted the living flesh off of my beloveds backside if he ever did that to me(I am being facetous here–I am very non-southern in my confrontation techniques).

    I seriously hope that you made that prolomation to your hubby. Is he overweight?

    Ok … I am going to calm down and behave. 🙂

    • I have went over this repeatedly and have asked for his support. He always says the same thing, “Ok”. He is maybe 10-15 pounds overweight, nothing too out of control, but I would think that he would make better choices since he had cancer 5 years ago.
      I am quite frustrated that he does’t seem capable of supporting my journey so maybe he won’t get to reap the rewards when I reach my goal! ; )

  2. There are always a lot of obstacles, I understand that struggle well :/ Just know that we in the blogging world do support you. I believe you are strong enough to push through it and find a routine that will work for you!

    • This entire month has been quite a struggle but I am trying to push through. I was really upset over the weight gain…I almost lost it when I went to put one of my new suits on for work yesterday and it was too tight! Thank you for your continued support, I have been down this past month and it was hard to come back on here and say that I was struggling. I AM going to push through because I know I can do this. I just hate having the metabolism of a 42 year old! ; )

  3. I’m in a similar situation here. My family is big on ice cream, chips etc. It is really hard! Just know that only you can only hold yourself back. No matter how tempting they are! We support you here!

  4. Thank you Meghan. I am not going to hold myself back today…I have packed verde chicken with lime for lunch. : )
    I am just so mad that I was down to 197 and now I am back to 205 but maybe I needed to get angry again if that makes any sense.
    I am very thankful for the online support, your success and encouragement push me to do better.
    Go melt some ice-cream in the sink!!!


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