Commuter Confessions Pt2

Today was an exceptionally productive work day and it should be, my 8-5 job has turned into an 8-7 job. By the time my commute ends I arrive home in time to check to see if my teen and young adults at home are still alive and or living with me.

I ate some Mongolian Beef for dinner and a bit of fried rice, For breakfast I had a yogurt and for lunch I munched on some shredded chicken with verde sauce. I don’t think the beef killed me and I did not eat much rice. But here we are commuting home tonight and I mentioned how thirsty I am…hubby’s response is “You want one of those strawberry lemonades you like from McDonald’s?”. “No!!! I just ate Mongolian Beef and pushed my luck, I can’t throw down some sugar coated lemonade on top of that!”. He is never going to get it. Don’t be jealous ladies, Mr. DeterminedtoseeBethfail is all mine! ; )


4 thoughts on “Commuter Confessions Pt2

  1. Love him for all of the things that he does right and try to forgive him for the things that he does wrong. We all have things and temptations that we have to overcome. His temptations are there to challenge you. Show yourself that you can conquer them and come out on top.
    Love and support.

  2. I am going to come out on top without a doubt because I am going to do this for myself and for every person out there who lives their lives without support! : )

  3. That’s the rightr attitude! That’s the one that I’m taking too! We have to do this to show others that we can!

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