Commuter Confessions a.m.

What got Beth going these past few days? Over last week-end I watched “What’s Love Got To Do With It” the story of Tina Turner. While Ike Turner was hitting Tina, this movie was hitting me. There are many levels of an abusive relationship and just because you do not have physical wounds to show abuse, doesn’t mean you are not abused.

This morning I got up and started my day with Destiny’s Child – Independent Women. I am reclaiming my power today, right here, right now. In my life I have been walked out on, bullied, ignored, controlled and today I say, “No more!”. Watching Tina Turner claim her power went down into the core of my being. If I want to be successful in my weight loss journey, I have to be in control of my life and my happiness.

I am in control, you are in control and you and I can do whatever it is we want or need to do with our lives.

What??? Where is Beth’s humor today you ask? Rick James just started playing “Give It To Me Baby!” How funny is that! I am reclaiming my power and Rick James is shouting “Give It To Me!” followed by Enrique Inglesias whispering “I Can Be Your Hero Baby”.


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