Try Try Again

I could go on and on about how I have failed once again.  And I could talk endlessly about what I would like to do to my scale which would probably resemble the copy machine clip out of the movie Office Space, rap music and all playing in the background. Apparently my scale is 4 pounds off from the doctor’s scale and it is NOT in my favor.  So……here I was beating myself up for gaining 13 pounds over the last 3 months since I started my new job.  At 211 lbs again?  BUT WAIT!!!  No, I am not at 211 lbs, I am REALLY at 215 lbs thank you doctor’s scale!

I really love that moment at the doctor’s office where they ask you to step up on the scale and then the nurse gives you that big smirk and says, “Oh, I see you put on a few pounds from your last visit.”  “Yes, yes indeedy I have, thank you for noticing that.”

Instead of talking about my failures, I am going to share my successes:

  • I turned down pizza today (yes, this is a miracle)
  • I have convinced my husband to diet along with me (he is not a happy camper)
  • I have jumped back up and I am trying again, I just can’t stand to be defeated.
New discovery….I usually drink ZERO water but I have discovered SOBE black and bluebery lifewater….I LOVE IT!
: )

9 thoughts on “Try Try Again

  1. God, how I hate that! I hate when they say you gained. I hated it a few weeks ago when I put on 4.5 pounds after vacation. Make me nuts! Just sayin! Could I lose that in two weeks?? NO! I sit here chomping my carrots whilst yummy beef simmers in the kitchen and I want to eat the walls down, but I just haven’t been active enough for that. soooooooo

    I gnaw on carrots and celery. 😀

  2. If you want to take off several pounds in a short amount of time, the South Beach Phase 1 will do it! It lasts only two weeks but the first time I did it I dropped 20 lbs! I must say I don’t think it allowed for the wine that I had last night….oops.

  3. I’m so proud of you for coming back! I’ve missed your witty posts. In the Eat-Clean diet, Tosca mentions that it takes the average smoker 13-14 times to successfully quit. But each time, they get a little better at it and get closer to their goal. Just view every step back as a way to go even further this time and that makes it even more possible for you to succeed! You can do this!

  4. Thank you Meghan and thank you for coming back and giving me support even after my rough spot! : )
    I actually went through a rocky spot that consumed me for a few months and it was really hard to keep on track but I am going to keep plugging away! I appreciate you being here!

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