Chicken or the egg?

I have the answer!!!  The egg came first, at least it this morning it did when I ate two hard-boiled for breakfast!  I am down 1.6 lbs over the last two days and I am doing great.  I suffered from a migraine yesterday that I think was brought on from cutting out my beloved caffeine.

Me WITHOUT Caffeine

I think I made it through the caffeine withdrawl and I can now just focus on eating healthy.  I am still craving Coke ZERO….darn!

Me WITH Caffeine

Hmmm…I don’t know…I am thinking I don’t look so bad WITHOUT the caffeine!  ; )


5 thoughts on “Chicken or the egg?

  1. Thank you! I am sure missing my early morning hot cup of coffee loaded with creamer but I have replaced that with flavored water. Don’t ask me why I seem to have to have some sort of vice but I just do. ; )

  2. Girl you look good both ways, I am so NOT giving up caffeine (sp). I have cut WAY back though. 2 diet cokes and then decaf tea. 🙂 Missed you. Can I put you on the butt kickers wall so I can keep up with you?

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