A Little Slip

After a busy work week of 10 1/2 – 11 hour days there is nothing that I love more than Friday. What is even better is Friday AFTER work!  This, unfortunately, is where my dieting slip-up comes in.  Friday nights and I have a great love for one another and they tend to start with the best of intentions but end with me partaking in those forbidden “refreshments”.  It’s like the apple is hanging on the tree and you were told not to touch the apple but it looks really good and for goodness sake there is only a few of you hanging out anyway right? So what’s a bite or two gonna hurt?  Eat the apple, yeah, that’s right, it is good isn’t it!?  It’s Friday so that makes it ok!

Yep, that is exactly what happened last night.  I succumbed to a quite tasty Riesling.  This is never what I am set out to do on a Friday, in fact, all week I self-chat about how perfect I am going to be “this time”.  I did redeem myself by eating the Ahi Tuna appetizers for dinner and asked for them to be naked (no crackers) instead of my favorite spicy grilled-cheese sandwich and fries.  So I do feel that there was some bit of will power that was pressing through the juice of the Gods.  WIN! KUDOS TO ME!

I must not have blown it too bad because when I weighed in Monday morning I was 211 on my scale (or on mean doc scale 215) and when I weighed in this morning I was 204.6 (that would be 208.4 on mean scale).  I really can’t complain that I have lost 6.4 pounds in 6 days.  Thank you South Beach!

Well I am back on track today and am feeling good about jumping right back into the swing of things after last night’s little slip. I always try to get right back up on the horse and try again, I just got to remember not to let the horse go down with me so nobody shoots it!  ; )

Enjoy your Saturday!


2 thoughts on “A Little Slip

  1. I am beginning not to beat myself up anymore if I “slip up”. You have encouraged me by saying you got back on the horse. To me, that’s the important thing. Love this post.

  2. Hi Charles, thanks for stopping by! I found that the worst thing that I was doing to myself was beating myself up. I changed jobs three months ago and went to an almost all male environment where everyone there eats junk; I felt like there was no chance of pushing forward. I was dropping the ball constantly. Once you convince yourself that you have blown it, then you may well have…keep in mind that you have only blown that moment, not the remaining moments that you have to make positive choices. You will fall down, and as my friends on here say, “Dust yourself off.” : )
    So glad you are here!

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