I just found out my husband’s 25th class reunion as been moved to next Saturday. I was hoping to be get back below 200 again before his reunion. : (
It is not like this is going to be a fine dining, sit down affair but I would like to look fairly decent on my 168 lb husband’s arm.  I am currently in a size 14-16 and feeling very self-conscious about it.  I have to learn to exorcise the ghosts from the past that haunt the way I see myself. When someone you love looks at you and tells you that you are not attractive, that sticks with you like glue and touches the very core of your being. I just need to release that somehow and not allow that thought to continue to have life within me.
When losing weight it is as important to work on the inside as well as the outside and I have a lot a work to do on the both.  I will focus this coming week on being kind to myself, I am going to start tonight with a stress-reducing face mask.  : )

5 thoughts on “Really?!

  1. Once again David, thank you. I have spent many years struggling to overcome the words of others. I do feel good about what I have accomplished this far and I just need to head to Macy’s, treat myself to a cute new outfit and stop panicking! When it is all said and done most of the people aren’t going to remember it anyway! ; )
    A big hug to you for your support!

  2. Girl that breaks my heart and makes me want to slap somebudy all at the same time. You can look hot at a size 14 or 16. It is all about attitude and you got that goin’ on girl! You have a very slim looking face so … that sets the tone to start with.

    there are clothes tricks that you can employ to give you the illusion of slim … what ya gonna wear?

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