Time keeps on tickin’

Today was a very busy day at work and time seemed to be going on without me.  When I looked up for a moment from my office it was already noon.  I generally pull anywhere from 10 1/2 – 12 hour + days and most days I don’t even know where the time went.

All the while though, I kept it healthy.  I ate an amazing egg, turkey sausage and lite-cheese muffin concoction.  Today’s snack was low-fat string cheese.  For lunch I had a mouth watering chicken, garlic, yellow, green, red pepper stir-fry, another snack of mixed nuts in the afternoon and for dinner roasted turkey breast and salad.  Thank you to the makers of SOBE lifewater, I love this stuff. In fact, I do believe it just might be keeping me alive since I can’t have caffeine. Just sayin.

Speaking of time, I am out of it now.  I am 33 minutes past my bed time.  I never had a fairy Godmother like Cinderlla so I don’t have to worry about my Juke turning into a pumpkin or dress turning to rags. I guess there is a benefit to not having to deal with an evil step-mother (I would have kicked her….).  Oh yes, that’s right…KINDNESS, I am working on KINDNESS.  I just downloaded The Art of Happiness by his Holiness the Dalai Lama onto my IPad.  Since I haven’t listened to my new audiobook, I will just let that little evil step-mother comment slip through.  ; )




4 thoughts on “Time keeps on tickin’

  1. Hi David, my daughter Elysia is doing the paleo/primal. I am on Phase 1 of South Beach which is probably pretty close to the primal. There are moments where I wonder where I left my club but I am thinking that is probably my lack of caffeine. ; )
    I am glad to hear you are having success with it. Elysia has been struggling with her weight and while my weight tends to peel off, she continues to fight to lose every pound. I am hoping that she has success as she tends to frustrate quickly and give up.
    I appreciate your support and I welcome you to our site.
    : )

  2. Good morning Charles! Glad you liked my post. After working 10 1/2 hours, commuting for over an hour, I am quite certain it is more of insanity than humor!
    ; )
    I am so glad you stopped by!

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