It’s almost 8:00pm and I am just now commuting home. I am famished and it will be too late for me to eat. That also means my body with hold onto every last pound like it is doing me some incredible favor. I guess the good news is that should the dreaded zombie apocalypse ever occur, I am going to take longer to chew through right?!

Clearly I am mastering this whole staying positive thing!

Besides possibly missing dinner tonight I stayed on track once again!

  • Breakfast:  Two hard-boiled eggs, decaf coffee with sugar-free creamer
  • Snack:  Low-fat string cheese
  • Lunch:  More turkey breast and salad with a tablespoon of olive oil
  • Snack:  Low sodium mixed nuts
  • Lots of SOBE water
OH WAIT…it looks like I am getting dinner after all.  Chicken breast on the grill and SALAD!  I really shouldn’t be eating this late (it’s almost nine) but I am starting to look like I belong to this group…
That is exactly what I would have looked like at 5:00am if I went to bed feeling this hungry.  It would have been like a scene out of Sean of the Dead.  Thank you Foster Farms chicken for saving the day and possibly others!
: )

3 thoughts on “Zombies?

  1. Great post cruz2lose! I know how you feel. Being that I have been only doing this for only 5 days now, I haven’t eaten past 8pm. This is very hard to do considering that I always ate past 8pm and I am talking BIG meals. So I try to shut my stomach up with water and a fruit and more water. But when I wake up in the morning, OMG, I want to eat every freakin’ thing in site. At least you made a wise choice and went with salad. I am proud of you. keep pressin’ on!!

  2. I am so excited for you Charles! You have have made some major changes in your habits in these past 5 days and you are doing so incredibly well! Make certain that you are taking in enough calories…I know that sounds strange but sometimes I don’t take in enough to actually lose weight and instead my body goes into starvation mode. Thank you for your support and just remember that there are others that are right here with ya!
    I am glad you like my post, I have to maintain my humor!
    : )

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