Saved by ZERO

I am a morning person.  When my alarm clock goes off, my feet hit the floor and I am ready to face the day.  I look out the window, yep, sky is still gray in Seattle, and then I head off to my mighty IMAC to check my email.  This morning however was a different sort of day.  The alarm went off and I could hardly wake.  I stretched my arm out for the alarm and had difficulty shutting it off and then I just lay there for a moment.  It took me a few to draw up the energy to pull myself out of bed and I got up feeling like I had pulled one of those all nighters like so many times back in high school. mean…I felt like I could imagine what it would have been like if I were to have pulled an all nighter like the kids I used to hear about in high school.

Oh, where was I?  Oh yes, I was exhausted.  I dragged myself through my entire morning like a gorrilla with long arms dragging it’s knuckles across the lawn.  By 11:00am I wanted to fluff up a pile of accounts payable and go to sleep.  I guess you can’t do that when you are a manager though so I fought hard to stay awake.  By early afternoon, while staring at my computer screen, I noticed that the words were moving all over and that is when I realized I was dizzy, too.  Just lovely. Before you know it all I wanted was a jolt of caffeine and an icy ZERO.  You know what comes next…

Yep, I had one.  I blew the South Beach Phase 1 rule, no caffeine.  I half expected to someone to shoot through my office door and rip the icy goodness out of my hand but lucky for them, it didn’t happen.  Saved by ZERO.



10 thoughts on “Saved by ZERO

    • Thank you for you support David. The ZERO was a much better choice than the piles of donuts left here by a vendor! If a diet soda is my worst offense this week, then I would say that I am doing well.
      : )

  1. Uh Huh. I can tell you were a good girl in high school. I can see the halo in your profile picture. At least you had a Coke Zero and not a regular Coke. That’s how I look at it. Tomorrow is a fresh start. Your going to make it. I have faith in you.

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