Alien, revenge of the tummy

I do not get to eat tonight. I am not going to complain about this because I know there are many people who go to sleep every night hungry but let me tell you, my tummy is sure going to complain about this.  As I type my stomach is making noises that I have never heard before except perhaps in the movie Alien and quite possibly Jurassic Park.

That picture there pretty much gives a good indication of where I am at tonight.  I am baring my teeth, drooling out the sides of my mouth and ready to jump on my prey.

Oh yes, the positives…we must include the positives.  The glass is half full approach is sure to help you on your weight loss journey.  I am positive that somebody has been drinking out of my glass and that is why it is half empty.  Do NOT let your glass be half full.  Be kind to yourself and reward yourself with something small (not food) for each goal that you meet.  And if somebody is drinking out of your glass and making your glass empty, perhaps you could have a nice chat with them about it or……

Maybe you could just drop them off on an island somewhere!  ; )


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