Healing thoughts needed

This isn’t going to be my usual humor-filled post. I am asking my readers to please send healing thoughts and prayers to a complete and total stranger, a young woman…

Days ago my oldest daughter received a call that her best-friend and room-mate was involved in a car accident.  With no history of seizures, her friend had a seizure while driving and wrecked her car. This is a 23-year-old, healthy young girl.

My daughter left her apartment immediately after receiving the phone call and while on the way to the hospital my daughter was hit by another motorist who didn’t see her and fortunately my daughter and the other driver were ok.  Just an amazingly freakish thing to happen in spite of what was occurring.

This takes me back to the best friend and room-mate, the healthy young girl.  The situation with the seizures went from bad to worse and what they seemed to have missed is that this young kid had a blood clot on her brain and was bleeding triggering those seizures.  My daughter’s best friend is now in Intensive Care and the doctors are trying to determine the plan to remove the clot and it is my understanding she is having difficulting with recognition.

This sad situation made me think very hard about the reality of our health, we so often times take it for granted.  We say to ourselves, “Just one more helping of pasta, just one more slice of pizza, just one more soda, just one more donut, just one more stop at the local fast-food joint”.  While a blood clot can form for many reasons and it isn’t really about eating a donut or any food for that matter, it certainly gives me a wake up call about what other health issues I could develop if I don’t continue to pay attention to what I am putting into my body.

I will be sending love and light to Bianca and her family throughout her struggle and I leave my dear blog friends with this…

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.”


6 thoughts on “Healing thoughts needed

  1. Praying for everyone involved. Speaking a blessing over you and your family as I type. May the peace of God fill your hearts and Minds as you travel through this dark night of sorrows.

    I will continue to send positive healing and prayerful thoughts toward your young friend. My heart breaks for all involved.

    Blessings … Shonnie

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