Silence of the Lambchops

Quid Pro Quo, you tell me things, I tell you things.

  • I drank 3 cups of regular coffee today and I put creamer in it
  • I also drank a ZERO today, just trying to do my best to keep Coke in business
  • I woke up this morning so hungry that I suddenly understood how the Uruguayan rugby team ended up eating each other while stranded in the Andes
  • I didn’t discover that the pants that I was wearing had a broken zipper until I was almost to work.  I spent my entire day with my fly wide open behind my desk (That pretty much throws professionalism right out the door doesn’t it.)
  • I am tired of chicken, in fact, I don’t want to look at chicken anymore.  The very thought of chicken makes me want to gag.  I don’t want it baked, broiled or grilled.  I have eaten more chicken in the past two weeks than most of those processing plants package into cans..just sayin
I haven’t experienced too many moments of feeling absolutely famished since I started Phase 1 of the South Beach. I don’t know what happened this morning, perhaps it was because my food intake was a little on the light side yesterday.  Whenever I eat fish for dinner it seems like I wake up feeling like I haven’t eaten in days and that is exactly what happened this morning.  That brings me to this evening….
I am sitting at home sick tonight with a nasty head cold so I am going to keep this short, besides, I picked up some Chianti and fava beans…I am so hungry that I thought I would invite an old friend over for dinner…..



One thought on “Silence of the Lambchops

  1. I wish I could offer you some fantastic advice, only I am totally not in a good mood, not throwing eggs bad, but still funk-o-licisious. 🙂 hang in there girl … may we both battle to the other side of insanity and weight loss.

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