Throwing away the coffee…

I know I posted a small blog this morning, but I thought I would expand on how the day went today…

This morning as I was heading to work, I stopped at my place of worship, Starbucks, and grabbed a Venti Mocha. It sounded super good this morning, and I thought a hot drink would help sooth my sore throat. I was happily drinking it until I realized that my first food-related decisions of the day was a poor one: I didn’t need coffee, let alone a large mocha. But, alas, I allowed myself to walk right past a trash can, and didn’t throw my drink away like I knew I should have. There wasn’t much left; I could just finish it, right? What’s is the harm in that?

Well, thank goodness for second chances. After I passed the first trash can, beyond the next door was another, and this time I didn’t think twice about throwing the remainder of my coffee away.

It seems like such a small action, but that decision to throw the coffee away allowed me to make better decisions the rest of the day. I had eggs for breakfast, and a salad for lunch. I feel much better knowing that I made that decision to try to correct a bad action, and I’m glad tomorrow is a new day.

Aside from that, I did find a new recipe on for coconut dark chocolate mousse. Basically, you refrigerate a can of coconut milk for a few hours, and scrape the coconut milk that separates from the top of the can, and mix it with an electric mixer with some melted 85% or darker chocolate until it’s a mousse-y consistency.

It wasn’t too bad…I tried it this evening and thought it was a decent dessert. It was really good with strawberries! I would like to find more ways to make it a little better without adding anything processed.

Anyways, I think that is all I have for the day. Sorry I haven’t done a ton of blog reading lately…this phone app drives me nuts and takes forever to load. But I will see about borrowing one of my brothers’ computers soon to catch up!



One thought on “Throwing away the coffee…

  1. That sounds really good. 🙂 I will have to check that out. Congrats on throwing your coffee away. Not that I would ever throw coffee away, but I think that is awesome that you took charge of your day like that. 😀

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