Not my normal post tonight…

As my mom posted a few days ago, my sister’s best friend and roommate has been in ICU at the hospital for a week now. This morning, she suffered a stroke and went through emergency surgery. From what it sounds like, her future at this point isn’t certain. Bianca will be 23 years old next week.

This seemingly healthy young woman’s life has completely changed in a matter of a week. Just like that; in the blink of an eye, she’s facing a lifetime of recovery. My sister’s world has been shatter as she faces not knowing if her best friend will come home. I can’t help but cry just thinking about it.

I hate that it takes situations like this to remind me that life is so incredibly short, and that you never know when it will be over. One of my supervisors mentioned a website in her morning email this morning called It’s about life’s situations that remind you about how precious life is, the beauty in the world, and the kindness of others. I read submissions on this site literally all day, and was so incredibly moved by what I read. Some of the situations reminded me of what Bianca is going through; some of them ended happy, and others didn’t. All of them certainly “make me think” of life in a whole new way. I don’t think I will possibly ever take another moment of my life for granted.

I really hope that everyone keeps Bianca in your thoughts and prayers. I’m not a religious person at all, but I pray to God that Bianca makes a speedy and full recovery. She’s reminded me just how short our time is together, and I will not take that lesson for granted. Get better soon, hun. We all love you.





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