What Motivates Me

Besides the fact that I:

  • was tired of my back hurting all of the time
  • hated that most clothing designers thought that “well-rounded” girls shouldn’t look attractive in clothing
  • stressed out when offered a booth at a restaurant, hoping I wouldn’t have to squeeze in
  • was sad that no one would even hold a door for me and acted like I was a dog on the street
  • generally felt ill most of the time
There was another motivator and I want to recognize him today.  I have a gift, something that I consider to very unique.  I have a son that has always shown me so much love that it often brings tears to my eyes.  At 15 years old, this son is still not afraid to give me a hug and kiss in front of his friends when he is leaving and amazes me every day with his incredible choices.  You see, I almost lost this son at birth.  He was born with a tracheal esophageal fistula (his esophagus was attached to his trachea instead of his stomach).  I remember holding onto him at the neonatal ICU for dear life and quietly pleading with God  to save my son.  I wasn’t religious so I wasn’t even certain if God would listen but I begged with everything that I had within me, not to take all that I had left to hope for.
What I received was beyond what one could imagine for a son.  He began speaking clear sentences at 18 months and began spelling words at the same time.  He was adding and subtracting 5 digit numbers by the age of 5 and was trying to play the keyboard as well; he now composes his own music without ever having a piano lesson and plays like he has played forever.  He is now a 4.0 student and is police explorer at our local police department donating every bit of spare time that he can in hot pursuit of his future career.
My son sees the beauty in all things, sunsets, flowers, mountains and most of all his mother who sometimes struggles to see her own beauty.
Meet Anthony.  Most kids run out the door in just jeans and a tee shirt.  I have to hug my son and watch him run out the door in his bullet-proof vest because he has to go “train with the SWAT team Mom!”  : )
The world is going to be a safer place because this of this incredible kid and I am going to be forever changed by his remarkable presence.
Anthony, my son, one of my most amazing motivaters.

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