Time to Get Real

Failure is no accident.

~Dr. Phil McGraw

Are you making healthy choices?  Are you exercising?  This past week my answer to those questions would  be a  solid NO!  I am trying very hard to determine what it is in my life that is causing this struggle to stay on track.  I want very much to lose the weight and I plan to make the right choices every single day but I am finding it so hard to stay focused.
It is clearly time to “Get Real”.  I have got to get my plan in place for moving toward my goals.  Trying to lose weight when you are gluten intolerant is absolutely a pain in the…..beep….but it is not impossible as I have already demonstrated.  
It is easy to get discouraged when you are not seeing results but the important thing is to keep trying.  I don’t consider a week of eating off course an end all for my goals so I will just keep moving forward!


I know one of the things I am going to have to sacrifice is Friday night fun time.  Too many snack foods to bait me with and too many yummie drinks that I really should be avoiding.  MY SINCEREST APOLOGIES TO SMIRNOFF DURING THIS MOST DIFFICULT TIME.  *tissue please  
Well, tomorrow it begins.  I will start walking and I will also prepare some of my meals for the coming week.  I GOT THIS!!!
: )

4 thoughts on “Time to Get Real

  1. Hang in there girl. I find myself wishing that I had never gotten off full formula but pressed forward to goal. This whole transitional thing is for the birds–I stink at it. I am great at maintenance, just not losing and eating. hahaha!

    So, don’t feel alone. I sat this morning contemplating if I would drink all shakes today and I just couldn’t make myself do it. I am going to though. I know it. I can feel it. I am sick of hanging here so long. I know it will take me through the Holidays to get most of this off if I go back on all Shakes, but we will see what happens. YUM!

    I pray quickly you will find your grove and move onward and downward. 😀

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