I Didn’t Do It

This was recently brought to my attention:

Now , I want to reassure you that I have in no way eaten Ben & Jerry’s Schweddy Balls, however,  I must say it is quite tempting.  My first thought is to run right out and grab the largest Schweddy Balls that I can find but then I know later I will feel incredibly guilty for having such a sinful treat in my mouth!  Besides I already blew it this week-end after an extremely difficult work week so if I go cramming Scweddy Balls  down my throat I know I will end up with even more guilt.  Why am a suddenly craving junk?

Have you even been under so much stress that you wake up with a popped blood vessel in your eye?  I went to bed last Tuesday with a migraine and woke up looking like something out of Zombieland that needed to be double tapped!  That is an extreme amount of stress, we are talking blood pressure raising kind of stress.  Then everybody wonders why I am eating nachos, supporting Smirnoff and craving Schweddy Balls!

I seriously look like I am 50% zombified.  At least I am craving Ben & Jerry’s Schweddy Balls and not raw hamburger or something out of the norm!  I think the focus here really needs to be stress reduction and how to go about that. I tend to have very high levels of stress in my life and I am thinking it is reaching an all time high!  I shouldn’t say it is all bad, I did make two new deer friends last night…

2 thoughts on “I Didn’t Do It

  1. Relora, a natural supplement, can help reduce the physical symptoms of stress (it reduces cortisol), but only you can reduce the emotional and/or environmental causes.

    Good luck,

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