Scale? What Scale?

Scale?  I am not even going to attempt to get on that traitor!  This was not a good week for me.   I ended up with the flu in the middle of the week and it all went down hill from there.   The relationship that I have with my scale is really starting to go south, every time I  look at it I think of what Tommy DeVito did to Billy Batts in Goodfellas.  I am not certain I could justify that behavior to my family if they walked in on me violently ending the life of my scale and telling them that they are going to dig the hole! It is quite tempting though…

It looks like the next big challenge isn’t my weight loss but rather trying to get my husband’s platelet count to go back up.  My husband developed Immunothrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP) after his cancer diagnoses several years ago.  Yesterday he went in for his monthly blood test and within hours the doctor was calling his cell phone concerned about his dramatic drop in platelets.  Normal platelet counts are 150,00-450,000, his were at 4,000; this puts him in the danger zone.  Several months ago an oral med called Promacta came out onto the market and this daily wonder drug has kept his platelets up for the past 6 months or so.  Before Promacta he would have to go in and sit for hours at the Cancer Clinic while they pumped an IV of WinRho.  Sometimes he would have to go in for a four-week regimen of Rituxan at the tune of $35,000 a treatment (and they wonder why health insurance is so expensive).

The doc did place him on a pretty generous dose of Prednisone and doubled his Promacta.  The last time he was on a large dose of Prednisone I was ready to walk out the door and never return!  Whew…this is NOT a pretty med at all.  When he was on the phone with the doc and I heard them discussing Prednisone  and I asked if she could approve a hotel stay somewhere for me while he was on it!  When they prescribe this stuff, they should be willing to allow the patient to stay with them just so they can see what a family goes through.  I thought we were living with Sybil the last time he was on this.  I had no idea who my husband was from one hour to the next, all I knew is that I did not like the nasty guy living in my home!  If you have ever seen the Shining where Jack Nickolson uses an ax to cut through the door and says, “HERE’S JOHNNY!”….yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

Let’s just hope the platelets go up quickly!

All of the stress does present some healthy eating challenges but I will forge ahead.  I still have my sense of humor…

: )


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