Shake It Off

My apologies once again for the blogging break.  Funny how life seems to get in the way.   Since I last blogged, my husbands platelet’s went back up but it looks like they are heading down once again.  It will be great if we can get the ITP back into remission but for now we will just have to continue to roll with it.

During this time I missed flying back to Michigan for my 25 year class reunion.  I was pretty sad that I missed this event but a friend phoned me from the reunion and they put me on the microphone…if they only knew how much that meant to me, it was a pick me up that I really needed.  To my classmates that follow my blog…thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

My weight loss has been non-existent this past month and I have even had a bit of a (oh gosh, here comes that four letter word) ….GAIN!  AHHHHHHH! *rips hair out with frustration.

Friday Elysia finished packing and moved out of the nest.  While I am happy for her moving forward with her life, I will miss her more than I can put into words.  If that wasn’t enough, I spent Friday evening in the ER after sudden vision loss…my eye docs orders are to keep my blood pressure down, take my diuretics and start putting drops in my eyes.  If you have followed my blog then you may remember that I lost peripheral vision in my left eye years ago and so I was more than a little concerned when suddenly I was losing it in my right.  Apparently I have been diagnosed with Optic Disc Drusen.  I was told to keep my stress level down….*pauses to laugh heartily.  Stress is a way of life in my home for which I have no choice about.  If there were suddenly no stress I would probably begin thinking that the Mayan Prophesy was true and it is all going to be over next year anyway!  I would probably also start considering that maybe there is a Santa Clause…

Nope, there is no avoiding stress here, I can only try to reduce it.  You can’t stop a train but you can certainly jump off the tracks to avoid it crushing your body at 70 miles an hour.  So what am I doing for me? Well, I have decided that since I will hit the big 43 next Sunday, I want to do something nice for myself.  I am going to treat myself to a day of pampering and have a bit of a reality escape for a day (just me time).  I am also going to get back on track this week as my blood pressure has to be kept down to avoid further damage to my eyes.  Time to shake it off and move forward once again.

: )


6 thoughts on “Shake It Off

  1. I believe in you and I know your going to be alright. I foolish of me to think I am the only one with problems in this world. I hope and pray you begin to feel better. Now, go and pamper yourself, you deserve it. I have a 20 year class reunion in April of 2012. Man do I have to drop some pounds before then or I just don’t know if I will go. I was a toothpick when they last saw me.

  2. HUGS girl! HUGS! Life just plain sucks sometimes. I have gone up and down over the last few weeks, by a lot. I am so sick of dealing with stalls and life challenges. So my heart goes out to you. So glad you are back and we can cheer each other onward and upward. Enjoy your pampering. You deserve it!

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