HA!  I owned that ten minutes I lasted on my elliptical!

To the makers of Secret Solid deoderant…um…well, what can I say, your product failed in the 10 minutes that I was working out but I would like to pleasantly report that my sweat did, in fact, smell really good!  Let’s just call that a win shall we?!

Taking “J’s” advice to work on endurance rather than speed was sound.  I was able to go from 5 minutes to 10 and I probably could have went longer had I not set the first workout to one that I didn’t realize was brutal.  If you remember the old Sanford and Son sitcom… “I’m coming to join you Elizabeth!” where he grabs his heart and acts like he is dying… that was me when my machine started ramping up to level 5.  At 43 if you see anything ramp up to a 5 it comes as quite a shock!

So now that I have the exercise piece going and I am working out twice a day, it is time to get back into eating healthy.  I personally have had the most success on Southbeach, although when you are gluten intolerant it gets hairy no matter what program you are on.

My music choices for my workout tonight were:

OneRepublic – Good Life (Started out with that before I had a chance to think otherwise!)

Maroon 5 – Harder to Breathe (Suddenly life wasn’t feeling so good, sorry OneRepublic)

Destiny’s Child – Lose My Breath (This came after Harder to Breathe, as it should).

Tomorrow morning at 5:00am I think I will choose:

Klymaxx – The Men All Pause (This is over 7 minutes of pain)

Rihanna – Only Girl (If I can last another 10 minutes dammit you better make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world!…just sayin.)

and if I am feeling really ambitious…

Diana King – Shy Guy (LOVE THIS SONG)
Day 3 of my elliptical DOWN AND OUT!!!  WINNING!!!




5 thoughts on “WooHoo!!!

  1. Totally awesome girl! 😀

    Have you looked at Primal and Paleo cookbooks?? They are all pretty much gluten free. I know that since I was on optifast and then eating real food I have noticed that my stomach blows up and cramps with a lot of wheat products.

    So far everything I have tried from primal blueprint cookbook I have liked. Just a thought. 🙂

  2. Hmmm….Elysia was really into the primal eating thing, I should look into it myself. Wheat is just a killer for me, every now and again I will eat it but then suffer and ask myself why I did that! : )
    Thanks for reminding me of the Primal and Paleo cookbooks…I will check it all out!
    : )

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