Elliptical Day 8

Busy few days and I didn’t even climb on the elliptical. I know, shame, shame, shame.  I also was having more than usual soreness around my knee so I backed off.  Today, however, I climbed on that thing with the intention of only doing 5 or 10 minutes but once I got on I was bound and determined to finish a workout,  Drum roll please….I finished an entire workout!  Twenty-five whole minutes!

During my workouts my chihuahuas like to observe my suffering.  I can almost hear my dog Tre in Gabriel Iglesia’s voice saying, “Um, hey perhaps you weren’t aware that there is a weight limit on that thing that you are crying on?”

I am pretty certain that he isn’t thinking that I am “Fluffy”…he is probably really thinking “Are you going to continue to lose more weight so I have more room on your lap?” and “You look about as good in spandex workout clothes as I do in that Halloween hot dog costume you put on me last year.”

I am going to have to rig some device on my NordicTrack so my dogs have a place to perch, as their human I am never to go more than 5 minutes without petting them while I am home.  I am owned!

A few of my music selections for today…

Britney Spears – Til the World Ends (When Britnie is howling about not being able to take no more, I was thinking the same thing)

Hot Chelle Rae – Tonight Tonight (Didn’t know if I would make it either)

Dev – In the Dark (Keeps you moving!!!)

Overall, I am loving my NordicTrack elliptical, week one is down!

Have a wonderful evening!



2 thoughts on “Elliptical Day 8

  1. Very awesome day girl! I am very impressed with the whole 20 minutes deal–those things kill me!!

    I don’t know about the dogs on the trainer though. I would totally NOT listen to your pooches about how you look. I am a hot natured girl. so this meant exercising could not take place without moisture wicking heat gear. Most of this stuff is form fitting. You saw the lovely figure I started with. I went in PUBLIC with form fitted yumminess clothing or I didn’t workout at all. 😀

    I know you can’t look any worse than me girl. Tell them doggies to BE NICE!

    • Oh Shonnie, I love ya girl! That little guy in the picture is 4 1/2 pounds of pure happiness! : )
      Yes, I do have some spandex but the world is not ready for that yet. ; )


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