Tuckered Tuesday

I can hardly believe this week isn’t even half way over.  I am still suffering the wrath of yesterday’s Cobb Salad and my gluten-free lunch today didn’t agree with me either. No dinner again tonight.  : (

I worked out this evening another 25 minutes on my elliptical and even managed to pick up quite a bit of speed.  It is amazing how much energy you can pull out of yourself when you jump on the thing in a pissy mood.  I set my IPod to “No Scrubs” and “Before He Cheats” and before long I was all ticked off.  My legs were going on that thing like I was Carrie Underwood wielding a baseball bat and heading toward his “pretty little four-wheel drive” all ready to “carve my name into his leather seats”.  I am one of those people who love music and can feel the energy of it.  When I started playing “My Prerogative”, the Bobby Brown in me was all over that machine and I was ANGRY!!!  Me and Bobby were both singing “Everybody’s talkin all that stuff about me, now why don’t they just let me live?  I don’t need permission, make my own decisions, that’s my prerogative!” Before you know it I had increased my speed by 7.

Tip of the day:  a little bit of frustration can go a long way when you exercise!  Not only did I get a great work-out but I felt like I worked through some of the issues of the day.  I am finding that exercise is helping me to burn up more than just calories as I tend to have a stressful job.  I can come home, hop on the elliptical and work some it off instead of taking it to bed with me.

Probably a little more productive than actually  grabbing that Louisville Slugger…




One thought on “Tuckered Tuesday

  1. BEth — that is the reason I play hard. It really does get the stress out of you. Otherwise it bottles up inside you and chokes you to death! Good for YOU! I am so Proud of you! I know I am not your mom, but it really is amazing seeing you pull yourself out of dump spot and kick this! YEA!!! 🙂

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