Lou Ferrigno?

I am not a body builder so could somebody please explain the math to me here:

I gained 6 pounds over a week ago (mainly water weight) after a ridiculously fun week-end. This past week I lost 7 pounds.  How is it now that my pants no longer fit me?  I weigh one pound less than a week ago and my pants are tight?

Suddenly I am Lou Ferrigno in Sinbad and the Seven Seas. I have been using my elliptical for most of 12 days and I have noticed muscle but COME ON!!!  I guess perhaps I can always fall back on a wrestling career.

Tonight is day 4 without dinner.  It started out at a reaction to the Cobb salad on Monday but then I realized that the weight was coming off quickly when I wasn’t coming home at 7:30-8:00 at night and eating dinner right before bed.  While this may not be the healthiest way to lose, it certainly is working for me.  Instead of coming home and stuffing my face, I immediately change out of my dress clothes and hit the elliptical.  I have already noticed a major difference in my core muscles…like I actually have them. Who knew!?

Good Night!


One thought on “Lou Ferrigno?

  1. Totally awesome girl! On the pants too tight — that is water in your core muscles–fuel for your next go round. Soon your pants are gonna be too loose! 🙂 You are on a ROLL girl! Yea! 🙂

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