Guess It’s Time

I was looking online at our local news when I read an ad that said, “Are you ready to lose your baby fat?”  I thought to myself, “Yes, yes, it IS probably time…I mean for crying out loud my youngest little bundle of joy is 15 years old now…What can I say, I milked that one for 15 years!

Tales from the elliptical…

So I get on this muscle ripper tonight and I was feeling rather brave.  I have been bypassing the old “fatburner” setting ever since I got the thing but tonight I felt it was mocking me and I took it personally.  Woman against machine.  I was ten minutes into this suicide mission when somehow I hit a setting while messing with my music and I couldn’t figure how to go back to where I was.  Yes, you are absolutely right, I ended up starting the whole thing over again and I introduced everyone within a 10 block radius of my home to my expansive vocabulary.  Me, being the survivor that I am, not only started over but I started over AND FINISHED!!!  I WIN!

There is something to be said for exercise besides the usual “No ways”.  I am sleeping better and will be in much better physical condition for Black Friday sales next week!  ; )

Nighty Night.


One thought on “Guess It’s Time

  1. I read this post and thought I had commented. I used to think I was techno savy and now I am beginning to believe that I am techno dense!!

    That was funny about the “Fat Burner” hahaha! Those things are TOUGH! keep on keepin’ on. I am about to crawl on my treadmill. I don’t usually do that at night but … Dang I gotta get movin on this. 😀

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