About Last Night…

I walked into my bathroom last night and, as I have for the past month, I started to bypass my scale.  I really didn’t need the numbers to jump out in front of me to know that I have suffered a major weight gain in the past month.  But there it sat on the floor daring me to climb aboard.  I have already faced the most challenging part of my month, I  lost my job, what could be worse right!?  I just stood up to harassment and discrimination, I felt brave enough to face the music that this scale was about to sing…

Some of you might remember the old Sanford and Son series where every time something bad happens he grabs his heart and says, “It’s the big one!  I’m comin to join you Elizabeth!”

Yes, well, I did the same thing last night after I got on my scale.

My husband was in the other room when I made the announcement, “TWO-HUNDRED SEVENTEEN POUNDS AND EIGHT OUNCES!”  All I heard back was, “WOW!”  Did he just say, “WOW!?”  He did.

Suddenly I felt like Lara Croft in Tomb Raider searching through my house for the machine that I was going to destroy.

For those of you that follow my blog then you know that my husband is one of my biggest obstacles in losing weight.  The last 7 months that we worked together was one of my most difficult struggles to lose weight.  “Honey, I bought us pizza for lunch.” or “Honey, how about some chinese or mexican food!”  He calls it “just being nice”, I call it “disaster”.

Since I usually weigh myself in the morning, I decided to weigh in again today.  I was pretty confident this morning that I would weigh less since I have been on track… I came in at 214.4.  Which means that since I weighed myself last month I have gained 6 pounds, however, in looking at the big picture when I was down below 200…I have gained about 17 lbs in the last 7-8 months. There is good news here…I am on track, out of a bad situation and ready to move forward.

Just don’t take away my froggie jammies!  ; )

Have a great day



3 thoughts on “About Last Night…

  1. Hang in there girl. 6 pounds isn’t a big gain and 17 might be a bit more … it is NOT the end of the world. I know how you feel … it can make you nuts. Don’t beat yourself up … you are on the track, on the wagon, or on the horse again … so that is ALL that matters.


  2. Thank you Shonnie…I think it is helping that I am not feeling beat up every day. I think my body has been in fight or flight mode for a very long time and has held on to just about everything just to get me through. I haven’t lost sight of my goal, I am a little behind but that’s ok!
    : )

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