Did Sleepy Have Apnea?

One of the health conditions related to obesity (gosh how I despise that word) is sleep apnea.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, sleep apnea occurs when you have several pauses or shallow breaths while sleeping.  I frequently stop breathing for periods of time, which is probably why I can be so silly. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea several years ago and have been struggling to get a good nights sleep for as long as I can remember.

For the past month I could not figure out why I was growing increasingly exhausted since I am no longer on a work schedule and I have received a good 7-8 hours of “sleep” every night.  As the bags grew noticeably under my eyes and my face began to resemble the good luck kitchen witch, I surmised about the endless possibilites.  My family also began commenting as the the bags grew larger every day and I wondered at what point that I would trip over my own face.  Then the answer came…

As  I woke up the other day with my pillow soaking wet and drool running down the corner of my mouth, the light bulb went on!

Even though I am using my CPAP mask (this Continuous Positive Airway Pressure mask is an absolutely sexy contraption and don’t let anyone tell you any different), I am still finding a way to breath through my mouth.  Leave it to me to find a way to keep my mouth flapping when it is supposed to be closed. ; )


I am not a doctor so I do not encourage anyone to do as I do and so forth and so on yada yada yada…

The following night I decided to tie my jaw shut (yes you read that correctly) to see if I would have a better nights sleep and well, wouldn’t you know it, I did.  Now my goal is to purchase an actual CPAP chin strap instead of tying my mouth shut with the belt from my robe.  Funny as can be but entirely inappropriate.

So the questions remains…did Disney’s beloved Sleepy have apnea?  I am thinking that Disney should redo this little character with a CPAP but then again he would find himself to be Happy…



Oh yes, weigh loss update:  I am down 5 pounds this week!


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