Hell Hath No Fury…

Like eating pizza in front of a woman dieting!

If you follow my blog then you know that my biggest weakness is pizza…no particular combination of toppings, just pizza.  Pepperoni pizza…pepperoni, ham, bacon, onions, mushrooms and green peppers… pepperoni, sausage, green olives, mushrooms, bacon onions and extra cheese…

If you are new to my blog then allow me to share a little something about me:


A special shout out to my favorite pizza place, Garlic Jim’s, who makes the most fabulous gluten-free pizza!   Any way you fix it, any way you slice it…it is just fabulous!

So here I am Saturday, scrounging around my kitchen looking for something healthy to cook up for lunch.  What did hubby go get for my son and himself???  Well of course, a PIZZA.  He couldn’t go get a pre-cooked pizza, oh hell no, he had to go pick up a take and bake pizza. Not only could I NOT eat the pizza but I had to suffer through my home smelling like the most wonderful place on earth.  I got a pound of boneless chicken breasts, they got pizza and I got angry.  Ok, so the boys wanted to play tough eh?  I can play tough!  I sliced up about a pound of chicken breasts into strips, said a few words I can’t politely mention in my blog about buying pizza when I am on Phase I of my diet, heated up two tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil, said a few more words that were in the four letter range and made suggestions to where my husband could go to, tossed in almost an entire jar of garlic, sprinkled in some course black pepper, complained some more about not being able to eat pizza and put that baby on medium high until those strips were nice and brown!  It wasn’t long before the aroma of garlic chicken over-powered the pizza goodness and my son could be heard saying, “That chicken smells great mom, can I try some?”  The boy has a weakness for garlic.  ; )  I let him have a taste of what he would be missing!

I put a bed of leafy greens in a bowl, added chopped cucumber, chopped red onion, topped it off with my garlic chicken strips and drizzled on about a tablespoon or two of olive oil and ate every bite!  NOT ONCE DID I CHEAT THIS WEEKEND….and I didn’t eat any foods that weren’t on my diet either!  ; )

I am down 8.4 pounds since January 1, 2012 and my determination is at an all time high!

Take It Or Leave It…

If you are just starting out on your weight loss journey or perhaps you have been struggling and find that your biggest obstacle is a family member…find someone who is willing to be supportive of your efforts.  Join a support group, ask a friend or write down my email address and contact me but please don’t give up on YOU because I am certainly not going to give up on either of us!




4 thoughts on “Hell Hath No Fury…

  1. Oh, how I feel your pain! I came home last night to my cousin and his friend eating McDonalds. Which, I really don’t even care for, but it was the smell of the french fries in the house. I immediately had to go start dinner so it would over run the smell of french fries in the house. We had shrimp sautee with mushrooms, onions, and bellpeppers. When I got those sauteeing it smelled delicious in the house! 🙂 I just hope my weight starts coming off; I don’t want to get discouraged because I haven’t seen any changes really on the scale.

    • Try to hang in there…I know it can be very discourging when you do not see the scale moving. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water ( I usually drink 8-10 glasses a day). Check your portions and your fat content….oh heck…you know the deal! LOL

      : )

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