All The Other Kids

With the pumped up kicks, better run, better run…

Or at least my competition should!

I absolutely love this song…it just makes me want to move!  Some may find the lyrics to be sketchy but I look more for the artistic component in music and lyrics and do not tend to be offended easily.  Hope my competition has his pumped up kicks on because the boy is going to need em!  ; )

The official friendly biggest loser challenge began yesterday and will end on April 1, 2012.  We determined that weigh-ins will be on Mondays (although I weigh myself every day just because I monitor what foods affect me negatively).

*Cue Rocky Music


Yesterday’s deep thought…

I was putting away the last remaining remnants of Christmas feeling cheerful to reclaim my pre-holiday decor and as I was packing up my elaborate Christmas village I paused for a moment as I reached for the orphanage.  Yes, my Christmas village has an orphanage (it also has military snipers thanks to my almost 16-year-old son).  I felt a sense of peace come over me as I remembered the frightened little girl who once lived there, the little girl who overcame most obstacles set forth in her life that many would have succumbed to, the little girl who somehow managed to grow beyond the crippling bigotry of her new family and lack of diversity of a small town, the little girl who survived abuse and heartbreak, the little girl who used to sing “Take me home country road….”

As I placed the orphanage in its box and gently closed the lid I thought how far this little girl had come…from living in an orphanage to boxing one up. It suddenly occurred to me that I have the strength and willpower to get through any challenge in my life.

With that being said, know in your heart that whatever weight-loss challenge that you are going through or whatever other challenge you are dealing with in your life….you can get through this, you can do this!




8 thoughts on “All The Other Kids

  1. Well good luck on your biggest loser challenge! I started mine on Monday here at work. I also joined my fitness pal which has really helped. Do you have an account with them? I’d love to be friends on there to! 🙂 It’s pretty awesome to have my fitness pal as a tool to help with the weight loss. I know you can do this. I’m in this for the long haul to!

  2. I have heard of the my fitness pal, I will check it out today! Good luck with your work weight loss challenge as well! I will try to find you on the my fitness
    pal in a bit…take care!

  3. This post resonates with me a little bit. Last night I had a little mental breakdown because I had visions of myself in my old age having no health insurance and being homeless and alone. I just recently had some hard times with losing a job and benefits because of depression… but looking at you and all you have accomplished and all the hardships you have come through is an inspiration to me. You looked back on your childhood and saw how far you have come. I hope I can do the same someday soon…

    Good luck with the Biggest Loser challenge.. I look forward to reading more of your blog to find out more about how you are losing the weight… 🙂

  4. Jolene,
    When I decided to create a blog I did so because I really wanted to motivate both my daughter and myself, but most importantly, I wanted to reach out and touch other people who were perhaps finding themselves in similar situations.

    Over the years I realized that I had become a “glass is half empty” or better yet, “who the heck dumped out my glass” sort of person. After my husband’s battle with cancer and his continued battle with his platelet disorder, I found myself very depressed, very overweight and very lonely. The best discovery that I made was a dvd (I am no salesman by the way) called You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay….I also went out and purchased the book. I literally played this dvd every single day for positive affirmations. While some may say this is corny and that professional help should have been in order, I didn’t have the time while trying to work 40 hours a week, juggle 4 kids to their activities and deal with a sick husband. Louise Hay is a survivor and I felt very connected to her story. I have learned to focus on the haves instead of the have nots and come to know that I am responsible for my own happiness in life….but I am a work in progress. : )

    I am out of work right now and somehow I know that it is all going to work out…not that I am not worried or nervous….its just that I have renewed strength and faith that it will be ok. I haven’t felt this strong for a very very long time.

    Take one minute, one hour, one day at a time and know that you are not alone.


    • Thank you for the reply Beth… it means a lot that you took a moment out to write. I will look for that DVD and book by Louise Hay.

      And thank you for living out your story in your blog so we can call get encouraged from it.

      You are in my thoughts!


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