I ran!!!

Well, it was a combination of running, jogging, walking, crawling, gasping…but I did it!  My son went out with me and I took the important thing like my cell phone and left that trivial life-saving device like rescue asthma inhaler at home.  I was so excited about my first running attempt that I headed out the door without it. DO NOT TRY THAT AT HOME KIDS!  THIS CAN ONLY BE DONE BY A PROFESSIONAL IDIOT!  Halfway down the road I was thinking to myself, “How could you have remembered your cell phone and forgotten your inhaler? ” Hmmm…a little preoccupied I suppose. ; )  Thank you David @ testingtruechange and to my friend Kimmy for encouraging me to run and believing that I could.

My almost 16-year-old son was kind enough to be my running partner today.  My youngest son and I are very close. He is very supportive of my weight loss journey and always offers words of encouragement.  It always amazes me when I come down the stairs after getting ready in the morning and my son notices a new outfit or new hairstyle and says, “Wow Mom, you look great!”  He is a keeper!  He had enormous patience today as I ran, then stopped to catch my breath, ran, then stopped to catch my breath, ran, and then went into an asthma attack.  All the while he told me I was doing great, even though I knew that I wasn’t breaking any first time out records.  ; )   Making memories!

Take It Or Leave It…

Get your doctor’s approval before beginning any exercise regimen and then get out there and move.  If I can run, ANYBODY CAN RUN.  The point is to move your body, get out and have some fun!




15 thoughts on “I DID IT!

  1. Congratulations Beth! You are doing so well on your journey! I’m always so excited for your posts. You are a huge inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us and especially, thank you for supporting me in my journey. You ARE awesome. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Hi Meghan! Thank you for your kind words, I am glad that I can inspire you on your journey and I am glad that we can all support each other! I think you are awesome, too! : )

  3. Amazing Job BETH!!! WTG! I can only run slightly longer than you we would make great running buddies as we took turn stopping and starting while intermittently puking our guts up from coughing and gasping for air. ;-). Why do you think I run at night?? (besides the fact that I can strip to the least amount of clothing without an audience). LOVE YA GIRL. Keep up great work.

    • Shonnie! I have missed you girl!!! Yes, I was coughing and almost puking…hahaha I am glad somebody understands this!!! LOL Love you, too!!! Thank you for your support.

  4. Random blog stumble…

    Well done! Keep going…slowly increase your distance and soon enough you will be running a marathon!

  5. You go! I know I eventually want to attempt to run. I downloaded the couch to 5k app that has a timer for how long to run and then go off when you walk. You teach your body slowly how to run and eventually get up to 30 minutes of running. I would eventually like to do this. I’m working on the elliptical and stationary bike right now. But, I’ll get on the treadmill soon. Thanks for the encouraging post! 🙂

    • The Couch to 5k seems to be the way to go! You can do this no problem! If I can run at 213 pounds and 43 years old. YOU CAN DO IT GIRL!!! : ) I will be looking forward to your first post about running. : )

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