Mother Nature

I didn’t get to run today.  Mother Nature had a spectacular event in mind here today and I had waited for it all season – the first real snow fall.  Big beautiful flakes settled upon the landscape making for a remarkable wintry scene.  Definitely a “stop and smell the roses” kind of day.

So instead of running I took a long walk in the snow with one of my favorite guys, my son Anthony.


When finished trudging through the snow in my boots, I actually felt like I had run.  Does this count? ; )

Ok, so I haven’t posted my weight in quite some time so I am going to do it. It isn’t last years 197 pounds but I am getting back there.


After gaining in November and December my current weight is 213.8 (I have lost a total of 10 pounds in 2 weeks through diet and exercise).  I am hanging around a size 14/16 and I am working hard to move toward 10/12 which is my next goal.  The past week my weight hasn’t shifted much on the scale (I am actually up .4 lbs but it is not from cheating, it is from building muscle) but I know that my body is changing because my clothes are getting loose.  Screw you scale.

Take It Or Leave It:

It is easy to get discouraged when the scale doesn’t move.  The key is to keep in mind that your body is going to have periods of adjustment.  Sometimes you need to change-up your exercise routine a bit or go over the foods you eat but plateaus are common. Expect them!  Never give up, never give in.  You have this!






5 thoughts on “Mother Nature

  1. I miss the snow and I miss you too. It was wonderful talking to you tonight. I’m so pleased we are both on a journey to better health. I just finished reading the differences between Atkins and South Beach. I’m going to pick one and do the induction phase. I would like to lose some weight before my Europe trip. Enjoy the beautiful weather.

    • I am glad you called. I will take some pictures after the storm and email them to you. I wish I were going to Europe with you…hell I can’t even find my way to the other side of the states! : ) I love you very much, keep up the good work!

      Your Sister

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