Yes, it has been awhile since I have been brave enough to take a full length photo.  I have been working hard these past 17 days and it seems to be paying off.  I have my little fuzzy coat on here and I loved it so much that I purchased two…one in a smaller size.  I am just that determined!

I still did not get to run today due to snow on the roads but I did get on my elliptical and pushed my workout to the limit.  If you know my blog then you know I love music, I love lyrics, words, the beat.  So yes, the music was loud and I was really feeling brave.  I stepped up the tension on my elliptical two levels.  HAHAHAHAHAHA.  I think I lasted like 7 or 8 minutes like that before I backed down a level but hey, the drive and motivation was there to push myself.  I was about ready to collapse when Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown were singing”Tell me how am I gonna breathe with no air.”  I was thinking the same damn thing to myself.

I was even excited that I had actually lost over a pound since yesterday!  I am now at 212.8.  I have been re-evaluating my goals and think that I would be insane to try to go down to 125 pounds as originally planned. When I get down to 150 pounds I am going to be completely happy with that.  I like curvy!  : )

Take It Or Leave It:

I can not push this issue enough…hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  I have found that drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day really does aid in my weight loss efforts and helps keep me fuller longer.  I found that if I get really tired of drinking it plain, toss some lemon in it.  Lemon also helps to block absorption of sugar.  If you aren’t keen on that idea try Crystal Light…I love their lemonade.

Keep up the good work!





8 thoughts on “Preview

    • Thank you so much forevervintage! I haven’t felt this great for a very long time. I sincerely appreciate you stopping by and offering words of encouragement.

      You made my day!

      : )

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