Rant Rant Rant

Sometimes you just have to go deep within before you open your mouth and/or put your fingers on the keyboard, this morning I had to do just that.  I deleted my first post and left Thumper in its place.

I have a very difficult time comprehending injustice and I received a phone call this morning that left me feeling like I had little hope.  My legal team has decided not to represent me for my unemployment appeal as “they do not feel that it will make a difference.”  In other words, they do not think I will win.  I quit my job and really that is that.  The law is pretty clear about what constitutes a right to quit and the law is clear that I did not have that right.  I must be incredibly delusional because I do not think it is ok to have to stay in a position where papers are thrown at me by my boss, where my 50 something year old boss flirts with my 23-year-old receptionist and won’t even answer work-related questions for me, where my boss bangs on the lady’s room door while I am in midstream yelling at me that I have checks to write, where my boss rips file out of my hands when I ask questions over processes that I have never done before, where my boss threatens to fire every employee that steps foot over the threshold of my office so that I am isolated, where I am publicly humiliated by my boss, where I am yelled at over things my husband does and humiliated in front of my husband (he is a manager there)..etc…

All of these things are perfectly legit according to the law and the fact that I quit because it was affecting my health makes ME in the wrong.  What is wrong with our society that an employee can be bullied and intimidated by their manager and this is perfectly acceptable?!  We have zero tolerance policies in our schools, what about in our places of employment??? Why even bother with zero tolerance in our schools…perhaps we should just teach our children coping skills since that is what is going to be expected of them as adults!? I am trying not to feel defeated today but I do not even want to go through with the appeal and face further humiliation.  All I can wonder is…What is wrong with you Washington State???

Ok, I will climb down off of my soap box now…

Ok, I am down now.  Very, very  down.


Bullied in Washington State,




4 thoughts on “Rant Rant Rant

  1. sorry to hear that Beth. I wish I had some sage advice for this. I don’t. I will however pray for your peace and that God grant you favor, grace, mercy and Strength to deal with life right now. Somedays Life just stinks.

    Love and hugs.

    • Thank you Shonnie…I learned a very long time ago that life wasn’t fair but even with that knowledge, sometimes it still just boggles me. I will get through it, I always do. Glad to see you back on here! : )

      Love and hugs right back!

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