Super Energy With Beets

I was sitting at home last night and all I could think about was my most favorite drink ever – a Super Energy With Beets from The Juicy Cafe.  I tried so hard to concentrate on other things but I had to have this drink, nothing else was going to cut it.  My husband works about 20 minutes from The Juicy Cafe and about an hour fifteen from our place….the text went something like this:

Me:  I am dying for a Juicy Cafe drink

Him: You want me to go by there?

Me: LOL…can you?

Him: Ya I can if you want.

Him: You should call there and tell them what it is and I will pick up

Me: OK (calls The Juicy Cafe)


Him: Cool!  Will grab it.


When he arrived with my drink the happy dance pretty much followed.  I used to drink these several times a week when I worked downtown Seattle and let me tell you…I never felt more physically well than when I was juicing and eating at The Juicy Cafe!  I would have taken a picture of it full but it didn’t last more than a minute in my hands!  Abs, if you are reading this…it was FABULOUS!!!

By the way, there is a new blogger our there who I have to give a shout out to:

I had to laugh when I read his most recent post, yep, I couldn’t deny him if I tried…he is all mine!!!


4 thoughts on “Super Energy With Beets

  1. Ummm…it does sound super duper healthy..but alas, I have been scarred by beets. Since it’s such a wonderful memory that my mother laughs at me about I’ll share it with you. I saw a recipe for a smoothie that called for beets. I bought all the ingredients..I rinsed my beets, blended everything..took a sip…and it tasted DIRT!!!! GAG…GAG..GAG! My mom laughed at me and said..”Uh, Charity, you have to peel it”. So, it may be a while before I can beat that bad beet memory.. 🙂

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