One of my favorite stories…

The Possibilitarian's Light

When you are looking for light and all you are finding are shadows and darkness, where do you find illumination?  Sit quietly for a while and think back to a moment in time, keep thinking, it is there, that time when a smile was brought to your face…a moment that was so amazing that you couldn’t have escaped the joy even if you had put your shoes on and tried to run from it…

I should have been thankful that I had a bicycle but I was embarrassed of it.  Most of my other friends had ten-speeds and I was still riding a “banana bike”.  At Christmas time, Santa had brought my adoptive older brother the most amazing Schwinn Continental ten-speed bike that I could have ever imagined, and I was so incredibly jealous.

I never got along with my adoptive brother (who is my biological second cousin), from the…

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